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Modular and the Environment
This webinar, part of the "Working with Modular" webinar series, highlights how the factory construction process and the resulting factory-constructed buildings reduce environmental impact in terms of energy efficiency, waste reduction, durability, and the carbon footprint both at the industry and at the building level.

About the series
“Working with Modular” is a seven-part webinar series highlighting the features and benefits of modular construction. The content is designed to inform on-site builders and developers, code officials, municipal planners and housing specialists, government departments, lenders, warranty providers and other stakeholders engaged in the residential construction industry.


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Clarice Kramer
Housing Design Advisor, LEEP Team @Natural Resources Canada
Clarice Kramer is a Registered Architect with many years of experience in professional practice and has worked on projects both large and small but in the last 10 years has focused primarily on Housing: new communities, multi-unit and many, award-winning, custom homes. Clarice is deeply committed to sustainable development and to an integrated, iterative design and construction process. She joined the NRCan LEEP Team (Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships) in 2019 and is the LEEP Team’s is Housing Design Advisor. She loves working with builders and manufacturers as we work together to grow Canada’s capacity for Net Zero construction and strong, resilient communities.
Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein
Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Hole School of Construction Engineering @University of Alberta
Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein is a professor in Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Hole School of Construction Engineering at the University of Alberta. He is also NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction and a member of Nasseri School of Building Science and Engineering; he is a highly sought researcher in the areas of Modular and offsite construction, Lean Manufacturing, construction process optimization, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Dr. Al-Hussein research has been published in over 300 scientific journal articles and conference proceedings.
Cory Warms
Quality Control Manager @Grandeur Housing
Cory Warms is the Quality Control Manager for Grandeur Housing in Winkler, Manitoba. He started his career as a Journeyman Carpenter and worked as a site builder for 17 years. He has been working for Grandeur Housing building modular and manufactured buildings for 11 years now. Cory is a member on CHBA’s Modular Construction Council.
Frank Lohmann
Director, Building Science @CHBA
Frank became a certified journeyman carpenter and cabinetmaker in 1989 in Germany. After his graduation as building science engineer in 1996, he worked for 23 years at the National Research Council Canada – first on window and wall research and then on the development of the national construction codes. Since 2020, Frank has been the Director, Building Science at CHBA’s National office where he makes sure builders’ and renovators’ interests are represented on codes and standards committees. Frank complements the CHBA’s Tech Team by working on the Canadian Electrical Code and many climate change related files. He also advises CHBA’s Modular Construction Council.