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Data, innovation and digital: How oil & energy firms can gain a competitive advantage by embracing the digital future
There is an increasing expectation that oil and gas firms can demonstrate their value and efficiency through more data-centric processes, managing costs, and reacting more quickly to changing market conditions.

While the sector has typically been slow to adopt digital innovations, today’s offshore energy markets are fluid and fast-changing, and the ‘business as usual’ model will not necessarily yield the best future results.

AI, automation, and data-driven solutions are helping companies across industries to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and cut emissions. Implementing digital innovation and a data-driven approach in the business can enhance an organization's competitive advantage.

Projects can be seamlessly connected with the use of AI, drones, robotics and virtual reality, so organizations can make better decisions about what projects to take on and where to drill. In addition, collecting and analyzing data helps the business better understand production processes and the opportunitunities to maximize them in the future.

We invite you to join their webinar, "Data, innovation and digital: How oil & energy firms can gain a competitive advantage by embracing the digital future" Wednesday 29th June at 4 pm UK time/11 am ET (US). You will learn:

1. The current challenges facing the oil and energy industry
2. How digital innovation can be used to provide a competitive advantage
3. A simple solution to increase collaboration and visibility across business projects
4. Case Study: Inside look at how Offshore Design Engineering have used machine learning and automation to revolutionise their email

If you are unable to attend the live event, please register and we will send you a link after the webinar to watch it on demand.


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