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“Why AI Matters” Are We Asking the Right Questions?
If you talk to any imaging professional today, their main concern about AI – or any other imaging technology - isn’t that it will replace them; but if it can help them get through the week more easily.

In this session, hear from David Gruen, MD, practicing radiologist and Chief Medical Officer at Merative. He is a champion of technologies that can enhance clinicians’ experience and by extension elevate patient care. He will discuss the art and practice of leveraging AI, cloud, and related innovations to improve imaging workflows.

Exponential growth of imaging studies and complexity of diseases are taxing imaging departments with increasing volume and intensity – leading to extreme levels of burnout, feelings of depersonalization and lack of achievement. Managing backend processes and a plethora of tools can make clinicians feel more like logistics managers. The evidence: self-reported stress from surveys, and a precipitous drop in the number of imaging professionals between those leaving this career or not selecting it in the first place. The resulting shortages are impacting healthcare delivery, the quality of patient care, and the quadruple aim in ways that have yet to be fully understood.

This state of play stands to be changed. Artificial intelligence and cloud-based solutions offer various functions and benefits that can improve a clinician’s productivity by increasing focus on diagnoses and treatments. However, implemented incorrectly, these technologies can exacerbate current problems and create altogether new ones.

Your takeaways from this webinar: lessons learned from the practitioner’s perspective, insights on trends to watch, and questions to consider asking in your evaluation of new imaging technologies. Learn about some paths forward--of best practices to replicate and pitfalls to avoid.


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Dr David Gruen MD, FACR, MBA
Chief Medical Officer, Imaging @Merative
Dr. David Gruen is a Chief Medical Officer at Merative, and a practicing radiologist. After completing his fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Gruen went on to specialize in women’s imaging, body imaging and breast cancer. Dr. Gruen inspects breast programs nationwide for the American College of Radiology and continues to serve on several national committees. Dr. Gruen has served on the boards of the Breast Cancer Alliance and Susan G Komen, New England.