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Top Thesis Webinar Series | edition #2 on "Novel Radioligands for PET Imaging"
Focus on excellent young Imaging Science!
Talk Title: Preclinical Characterization of Molecular Hallmarks of Huntington’s Disease through dynamic PET Imaging
Speaker: Daniele Bertoglio, Antwerp
Chairs: Guy Bormans, Leuven & Albert D. Windhorst, Amsterdam
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Daniele Bertoglio
@Molecular Imaging Center of Antwerp
Daniele obtained his PhD at the Molecular Imaging Center of Antwerp (MICA), University of Antwerp, where he is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow. His research is aimed at the application of translational neuroimaging tools to quantify functional and molecular changes as well as evaluate innovative therapeutic approaches in preclinical models of neurological diseases. The talk will focus on his PhD work during which he validated the use of novel radioligands for PET imaging in mice to identify candidate biomarkers to monitor disease progression in preclinical models of Huntington’s disease.