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The global impact of materials used within fashion and retail: a digital panel hosted by Arch & Hook.
Join us for a conversation with industry and brand experts, from across the UK and US, on how the fashion and retail industries can (and should) contribute to the global elimination of non-sustainable materials.

Shailja Dube, IPF Lead at the British Fashion Council, Cyndi Rhoades, Founder at Worn Again Technologies, Dr. Patsy Perry – Reader in Fashion Marketing at Manchester Fashion Institute, and Cris Pizzato – Global General Manager of Sustainable Fixtures and Furniture at Arch & Hook will be joining our webinar that will cover:

- The latest trends and innovations in material development adopted by industry leaders.
- The ‘price’ of sustainability.
- The operational and business challenges of retail transformation.
- How stakeholders and business leaders can drive change within companies.
- How certain companies are approaching their sustainability agendas and focus points.
- What the future of retail looks like.

Arch & Hook’s recent research collaboration with WIRED found that, while fashion and retail have taken big strides to tackle their environmental impact, there is still an alarming reliance on virgin and single-use plastics at every stage of business – from production to delivery.

Each year, the fashion industry uses 342 million barrels of petroleum to produce plastic-based fibres such as polyester, nylon or acrylic. But fashion’s plastic habit runs much deeper, with textiles being just the tip of the iceberg. Retail stores themselves have become shrines to the convenience of virgin plastic – often crammed with plastic display cases, shelving, packaging and furniture that has been designed to be thrown away rather than reused. Arch & Hook is striving to empower companies to start this much needed and inevitable transformation. The solutions and sustainable materials already exist, so let’s have an open, honest and real discussion about how we can all positively impact the world going forward.

Hosted by Arch & Hook


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