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Integrating and Optimizing Data Streams to Drive an Animal-Centered Environment
Having lots of data is great, but not knowing how to properly utilize it to your dairy's advantage isn't so great. Please join us for a presentation by Ryan Pearcy of Turntide Technologies where he will give you tools and best practices to take all of the information from each of your data streams to make effective decisions for your herd.
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Ryan Pearcy
Director of Product Marketing, Sustainable Agriculture @Turntide Technologies
Originally from a farm in western Missouri, Ryan Pearcy has spent the last 15 years of his career in product management and marketing for some of the largest agricultural equipment and precision ag companies in the world. Eternally curious about how technology and better cultural practices can improve food production, he has worked on development and bringing to market various products from precision fertilizer spreaders to high accuracy seed application rate sensors. An avid traveler, he has extensive knowledge of livestock and crop production practices and markets through various on-farm visits in the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He currently is in charge of Product Marketing for Turntide Technologies, which works in partnership with VES-Artex on increasing the productivity and profitability of dairy producers through the Intelligent Barn software platform. He lives with his wife and children in Katy, Texas.