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How to Schedule your Black Sky Catastrophe
EIS Council Webinar: Our world has an insatiable appetite for energy. Today’s expanding energy crisis and its inflationary impact drive economic disruption and political calculations from the Kremlin to Washington D.C. to Abu Dhabi. In this new reality, what happens when most or all of a power grid goes dark in a Black Sky catastrophe? Restoration will take weeks, at best, and few facilities have more than hours or days of emergency power available.
What are realistic options for refueling in such a crisis? What are the best zero-carbon options for facilities to keep their most critical equipment operating for weeks or months?


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Miranda Ballentine
CEO @Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA)
Gil Shavit
Chairman @GenCell Ltd
Eran Haimovich
CEO @Energy Infrastructure
Chris Beck
Chief Scientist and Vice President for Policy @EIS Council