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Top Thesis Webinar Series | edition #4 on "Stem Cell Dynamics"
Focus on excellent young Imaging Science!
Speaker: Colinda Scheele, Leuven
Talk Title: Unmasking in vivo Stem Cell Dynamics in Mammary Tissue and Mammary Tumors
Chairs: Adriaan Lammertsma, Amsterdam & Rafael T.M. De Rosales, London
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Colinda Scheele
Scheele obtained her PhD (with highest distinction) at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. During her PhD, she worked in the lab of Jacco van Rheenen at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, where she studied the role of stem cells during development and cancer in the breast using intravital microscopy. For her PhD work she received the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek award. Directly after her PhD, she started her own laboratory at the VIB-KU Leuven center for cancer biology in Leuven. Her lab develops and uses 3D- and intravital microscopy to study the dynamics of tumor initiation and progression. But today she will talk about her PhD work on the identification of the stem cells in mammary tissues and mammary tumors.