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Utilizing Farm Data to Improve Hoof Health


Oct 15, 2021 10:45 AM

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Karl Burgi
Founder @SaveCows® Network
Karl Burgi is a hoof care provider, hoof health consultant and instructor based in Baraboo, Wisconsin. He travels throughout the world teaching hoof health and lameness prevention, and consulting with dairy producers to minimize lameness. Karl was raised on a dairy farm in Switzerland and apprenticed in various agricultural programs. In 1980 he continued his post-secondary education and began working as a herd manager on Wisconsin dairy farms. He launched his full-time hoof trimming business, Comfort Hoof Care Inc., in 1989, and began designing upright hoof trimming chutes to practically restrain cattle. He invented the Accu-trim® Leg Restraint System, featured on all Comfort Chutes, to achieve the optimum heel-to-toe view of the hoof. Today, Karl continues to develop various hoof health products to progress the dairy industry and provides hoof care services to small and large farms in south-central Wisconsin.