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Resiliency For Success With Deborah Deras
In this interactive Webinar, we will learn:

- Identify strategy for dealing with adversity in your day to day life
- Recognize skills to apply to deal with it
- Explore strategy to deal with the situation to develop more resilience
- Discover four post event resiliency principles using small business case studies

As small business owners we are the brains of our operation and our vision and ability to make decisions during times of adversity like a pandemic or a geographical crisis or economic downturn is critical. We need to be able to manage our mind so we can lead our team to success.

As small business owners are biggest asset is our energy and when it is drained it is hard to be effective and make decisions to enable us to grow.
- How to deal with energy vampires
- How to shift energy after a negative event
- How to expand energy with these four principles

- How to expand time
- How to get out of the hamster reel rat race (stop exchanging time for money)

- How to deal with difficult people
- The perception shift

Four Webinars, Monday's @2 pm
Module One: Mindset for Success Mon, August 29
Module Two: Energy Efficiency for Success Mon, September 12
Module Three: Webinar Mon Sept 19
Module Four: Webinar Mon Sept 26

Four Labs, Friday's @10am
Module One Lab: Friday September 2nd
Module Two Lab: Friday September 16th
Module Three Lab: Friday September 23rd
Module Four Lab: Friday September 30th
Webinar is over, you cannot register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Saidy Uribe.