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Effective IT Interview Tactics for Employers
Interviewing IT professionals can be challenging for a Non-Tech Leader (NTL) AND for a Tech Leader (TL). When the TLA’s start flying (Three Letter Acronyms), the NTLs often struggle to understand and the TLs who only know a TLA as a 3CA (3 Character Abbreviation) might TKO an MPC without realizing they were A-OK! We need to fix this ASAP! LOL!

Jargon aside, how do you determine true interpersonal skills to determine culture fit if a talented programmer is extremely introverted?

Yes, there are lots of outgoing IT pro’s in the world, but there are also lots of others who are more comfortable communicating with computers in code than with coworkers in social situations.

Some of the most talented technologists I’ve ever placed into jobs were extremely nervous and awkward interviewees. If an employer isn’t using an experienced IT recruiter to help, how can they see through the nerves to know what they will be like in their normal day to day work?

In this meeting you will learn:
1. An IT Interview Process Mistake that destroys company brands
2. How to set up an IT Interview for productivity before it starts
3. Interpersonal ‘tells’ with corresponding job fit questions
4. 3 ways to attract better talent by how you interview
5. The best* interview schedule (how many meetings, in what order, and by whom)

*best meaning the ‘most effective’ in assessing skills, determining culture fit, strengthening company brand, minimizing counteroffers, and attracting top talent that I have seen my clients use over my 23 year IT recruiting career. I’ve seen it used in multiple industries by companies of all sizes, and it consistently works.

Want to improve your ability to interview IT professionals? Join us!!
Or as an IT pro yourself, want see how you can help those who do NOT interview well to see what you can do? Join us!!

Nov 18, 2021 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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