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"Maximum transparency - and more sustainability in packaging production. With CONNECT|M."
In packaging production, the die-cutting process - in contrast to the printing process - is currently still largely analog. Digital connection: Missing.. The die-cutting machine, tool and user are not connected.

To find out how you can digitize your die-cutting processes, increase your performance and at the same time protect the environment, take a look at our web session "Maximum transparency - and more sustainability in packaging production." Because the future starts now!

- Welcome. Introduction of speakers.
- The die-cutting process of the future.
- Presentation of CONNECT|M software. Performance tracking. Tool management.
- Your advantages.
- CONNECT|M and environmental sustainability.
- Answering questions.
- Goodbye.

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Tim Wolber
Technical Sales @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG
Jan Brunner
Sales Director Marbach Group @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG