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Oracle 19c Best New Features and a Few 21c/23c Tips
Presented by Rich Niemiec

This presentation will look at which 19c new features (automatic indexing, Quarantine, JSON data, three user-created PDBs, Read-mostly Standby, and Autonomous Databases) that should be investigated for use. This presentation will also have a few 21c & 23c new features such as AutoML, Standby Result Cache, and InMemory enhancements including Base Level. Some 23c features include True Cache, Locking Enhancements, Schema Level Privileges, Machine Learning Enhancements & more. Many features covered will be related to the DBA, but there are also some that focus on the developer. There will be simple examples, where possible, to show the basic functionality of the new features. We will also look at the autonomous database and Oracle's focus on the future of security.


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Rich Niemiec
Chief Innovation Officer @Viscosity
Rich Niemiec is the current Chief Innovation Officer of Viscosity North America. Rich is an Oracle Ace Director, a world-renowned IT Expert, and was a co-founder and the CEO of TUSC, a Chicago-based systems integrator of Oracle-based business solutions started in 1988. Rich has served as President of Rolta TUSC and Rolta EICT. Rich is the past President of the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and the current President of the Midwest Oracle Users Group (MOUG). Rich has architected and tuned many Fortune 500 systems over the past 25 years. His experience in data processing ranges from teaching to consulting, with an emphasis on database administration, performance tuning, project management, and technical education. Rich is one of six originally honored worldwide Oracle Certified Masters and advised Oracle development from time to time. In 2017, he authored the Oracle “Oracle12c Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques,” an update of his previous 4 Oracle best sellers on Oracle8i, 9