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Gamification Seminar 2021
Gamification Centre is proud to invite you to the 4th Gamification in Learning Seminar 2021 on 13th December 2021. The theme for the seminar this year is Transdisciplinary Trends in Playful Learning, where we will deliberate on the trends and challenges in facilitating playful learning activities. In line with the playful learning approaches introduced in GS2020, GS2021 extends to the implementation of playful learning activities and how various stakeholders can collaborate and create playful yet impact learning experiences for learners at various levels of education.

Dec 13, 2021 09:30 AM in Kuala Lumpur

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Dr Cedric Tan
Assistant Professor @University of Nottingham Malaysia
Cedric Tan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He has particular interest in carnivore ecology and conservation as well as environmental education. His passion for effective evidence-based applied ecology and education drives me to pursue both disciplines in innovative ways, in turn contributing to raising awareness about conservation issues and nurturing our future leaders in conservation.
Alex Masters
Learning Technologist @Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University UK
Alex Masters is currently a learning technologist at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University UK. His background is in multimedia design and he is passionate about teachnology and the web. He has worked for many years as a web designer, developer and technology writer for a variety of online resources.
Dr Margarida Romero
Professor @Université Côte d'Azur, France
Margarida Romero is a full professor at Université Côte d'Azur (Laboratoire d'Innovation et Numérique pour l'Education, France). Her research is oriented towards the inclusive, humanistic and creative uses of technologies (co-design, game design and robotics) for the development of creativity, problem solving, collaboration and computational thinking.
Azima Azmi
Professional Development & Communities Specialist @FrogAsia Sdn. Bhd
As a Professional Development & Communities Specialist of FrogAsia Sdn. Bhd, Azima is responsible for conceptualising, designing and delivering professional development packages which are predominantly online for teachers and students to learn how to use and apply Frog VLE platform and mobile apps in teaching & learning.
Tessie Anak Rijem
Teacher @SK Sungai Buloh Selangau, Sibu Sarawak
Tessie Anak Rijem is a passionate teacher who teaches English and Music in rural area of East Malaysia where English is a foreign language. She managed to break the barrier by executing 21st Century teaching and learning in my physical and virtual classroom. She recently won the Global Teacher Awards 2021 by AKS Education for her contribution in community building through inspirational teaching.
Azia Farzana binti Badduwie
Teacher @SK Sungai Sebatu, Subis Sarawak
Azia Farzana binti Badduwie is an educator that advocates love through education, and education through love. With 4 years of teaching and learning experience, currently serves as a teacher at a small rural school, SK Sungai Sebatu, Subis. Trusts wholeheartedly that education is the utmost essential tool in making the world a better place. "Knowledge leads to awareness, awareness buds into understanding, understanding stems into empathy, empathy blossoms into compassion, and it is love that holds this universe together."
Aishah binti Mohamed Hamdan
Teacher @SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh Perak
Aishah is an award-winning English language teacher who is also an MOE Edufluencer and CEFR Master Trainer. She recently won the 'Ikon Guru Pendidikan Maya 2021' awarded by the Perak State Education Department. Other highlights in her career are; Top 30 in 21st Century Learning Campaign, 2nd runner up in INTAN Public Speaking National level competition and winning the Gold Award in MELTA International conference. Currently teaching in a secondary school, she is well known as the project director of the much-acclaimed musical play ‘Sing to the Dawn the Musical’.