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Unlock The Value of Your Giving with an Estate Planned Will
Find out how we can help you realize your hopes, goals and dreams for your family with our unique Estate Planning and Will Writing system.

In this one-hour complimentary webinar, you'll learn:
- What happens to your assets when you die? Will it really flow to your family?
- How to avoid excessive legal & probate costs
- Is having a will alone enough to convey your love and intention to your family?
- How to prevent conflict and disputes among family members
- How to build a comprehensive estate plan with a valid Will that truly reflects your wishes

While most Singaporeans want to ensure their family’s wellbeing even after their demise, workload and family responsibilities leave them with little time to get organized. An untimely death can also send a family into emotional disarray over inheritance matters.

Horror stories abound of heirs pitted against each other - brother against brother, mother against sons and daughters – in expensive legal battles that break up loving families.

On the other hand, there are inspiring stories of grateful beneficiaries fondly remembering their deceased parents who provided and cared for them in every way — all made possible through thoughtful estate plans put together before it was too late.

If you share this aspiration, you might be asking:
“What do I need to prepare such a plan and how do I start?”

To achieve the desired outcome, there has to be collaboration within a suite of estate planning tools with expertise guiding them through the planning process — all while avoiding excessive legal and probate cost.

With over 30 years of experience, our team of professionals help clients using our unique Funnel-based Estate Planning System.

Here are some organizations we've helped:
- Prime Minister's Office
- Singapore General Hospital
- Tan Tock Seng Hospital
- SingHealth
- National University of Singapore

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Aug 27, 2022 02:00 PM in Singapore

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