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Video Capsule Endoscopy in Children
This webinar is designed to provide basic and advanced understanding of practical aspects of Video Capsule Endoscopy in children.

• Welcome (Dr. Jean-François Rey)
• VCE in children – When? (Dr Cristina Carretero)
• Comparing Swallowing to Endoscopic Placement (Dr. Christopher Burgess)
• Intestinal Polyps and Polyposis (Dr. Thomas Attard)
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Dr. Salvatore Oliva)
• Retention risk and use of patency capsule in children (Dr. Stanley Cohen)
• Device Assisted Enteroscopy: Who is it suitable for? (Dr. Arun Urs)
• Magnetically guided gastric capsule in children (Dr. Jean-François Rey)
• Questions + Answers
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