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Maximizing Games Growth with the Upptic Platform
Today's marketing landscape is a mess of:
• Broken attribution (especially on iOS)
• Disparate, siloed, and incomplete datasets
• Uncertainty in the wake of the changing technology landscape

The Upptic Platform has solutions including:
• Granular performance reporting
• Privacy-ready predictive SKAN modeling
• A customizable dynamic media buying model
• Spend forecasting with budget targeting and tracking

To drive better results with:
• Accurate iOS revenue and ROAS reporting
• Actionable optimization insights
• Custom UA buying targets
• Better budgeting and forecasting
• Higher ROAS

Join Upptic CGO Warren Woodward, CTO Mike Haze, and Marketing Director Xander Agosta as we unveil the Upptic Platform and our core methodology for sustainable games growth.

We’ll showcase how we've scaled 100M+ users profitably for our partners. You'll learn how to use our platform to define core KPIs with our buying model. We’ll explain how to use the outputs of those targets to measure a user acquisition team’s success across channels, geos, and platforms.

And we’ll show you how we are able to use our budget tracking tool to forecast spend over time.

Mar 29, 2023 01:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Warren Woodward
CGO @Upptic
Warren has built performance marketing divisions and launched massive apps for companies like Nexon, Wargaming and Blastworks. His passion is building great teams that combine art, data and psychology to create inventive, over-performing marketing campaigns. When he’s not launching apps he sings songs and casts spells.
Mike Haze
CTO @Upptic
Mike is a born and raised Texan, who has spent his career straddling the two worlds of technology and product. He is passionate and driven to solve complex problems while keeping a clear focus on business outcomes. Over Mike's career, he has led both development and product teams on several leading SaaS product offerings and helped foster innovation and collaboration cultures while working directly with clients to ensure measurable business values.
Xander Agosta
Marketing Director @Upptic
Xander stumbled backward into the world of growth marketing via music blogging, web development, marketing operations, and performance marketing at various agencies and startups. Xander is responsible for Upptic's go-to-market strategy - from revenue growth to building the leading brand in game marketing.