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Team-based learning: Utilizing structured classrooms to impact outcomes for your STEM students
Team-based learning (TBL) is a highly structured, interactive teaching method. Students taught using TBL techniques report significantly higher levels of learning. Furthermore, TBL improves critical thinking skills and increases student accountability, motivation, and engagement.

• Introduction to TBL pedagogy
• Personal reflections and practical application of TBL in the undergraduate STEM
• The evidence supporting TBL
• The student perspective
• Q&A

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Thomas Newpher
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Psychology and Neuroscience @Duke University
Dr. Newpher earned his PhD in molecular biology from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He currently teaches and advises for Duke's Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience program and directs the Summer Neuroscience Program. His courses utilize a variety of team-based learning activities to promote critical thinking skills, foster collaboration among students, and create an engaging, student-centered classroom experience. Dr. Newpher’s current research focuses on identifying teaching practices that increase student learning and improve STEM classroom dynamics.
Ben Thier
Former student @Duke University
Ben was an undergraduate student at Duke University. After graduating from Duke University with degrees in neuroscience and education, he completed his master's in the Stanford Graduate School of Education's Learning Design and Technology program. His areas of interest within education include applying learning science to ed tech product development, peer-driven learning, metacognition, and team-based learning.