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How can data standards and inventory technology help our healthcare system?

Join us to get the latest information from GS1 and the healthcare sector and hear from leading industry figures as they share their story, offer unique insights, and address the key challenges facing the sector today. From patient identification to product traceability, data standards have the power to transform patient care. How is this data captured and processed to improve hospital inventory for better patient care?

Attending the webinar you will:

✓ Increase your understanding of the GS1 standards, how the GS1 system can improve your Supply Chain and what are the steps for GS1 implementation.

✓ Learn how having a system as a closed loop covering everything from managing sourcing catalogues through to inventory management, Scan4Safety and the contracts database has led to significant improvements in operational efficiencies in multiple NHS Trusts.

✓ Discover the tools that would let you accurately identify, track and trace different elements of the healthcare supply chain enhancing quality of care, patient safety and business processes.

Who should attend?
UK Health Authorities, NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups, Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Integrated Care Boards (ICBs), Ambulance Trusts, Medical Laboratories and Hospitals.

✓ Trust Board Members
✓ Management Directors
✓ Procurement and Finance
✓ Data and Regulatory
✓ Quality Assurance


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Chris Florey
Healthcare Engagement Manager @GS1 UK
Chris Florey has more than 15 years’ experience of working with organisations to adopt GS1 standards to meet trading partner and regulatory requirements. His core focus for the past eight years has been within the healthcare industry, assisting medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers in implementing the NHS eProcurement Strategy, the FDA UDI rules and requirements for the EU MDR and FMD using GS1 standards. Although not a regulatory expert, Chris is well-versed in understanding requirements and is able to share his experience of engaging with regulators, and thousands of manufacturers and distributors that are GS1 UK members.
Chris Norman
VP of Healthcare @Elcom
Chris is VP of Healthcare of spend management specialist Elcom. He has over 20 years’ experience supporting the healthcare sector to secure greater savings by improving supply chain performance.
@NHS Trust
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