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Coding the Curb: Using Data to Rethink the Street & Sidewalk
The past few years have seen enormous changes and challenges confront cities worldwide - with few areas seeing as much metamorphosis as our curbs, streets, sidewalks, and loading zones. Fortunately, there are new tools available that are letting forward looking cities, and inventive companies, tackle the challenge of curb management head-on. Hear from Oakland Department of Transportation's Kerby Olsen, Populus' Regina Clewlow, VADE's Matty Schaefer, and (moderator) Open Mobility Foundation's Andrew Glass Hastings about which municipalities are getting things right, and how innovations like the Curb Data Specification tie it all together.

Thank you to our friends and partners at the OMF, Oakland DOT, Populus, and VADE. After the webinar, you may receive follow up information from the participants.


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