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[LIVE TALK] How to efficiently collect and stabilize DNA from stool, swab and saliva samples
The number of high-throughput studies in which DNA from many individuals is analysed is rapidly increasing. Non-invasive methods and techniques that allow self-collection are often preferred because they increase compliance rates and reduce costs. In addition, they can be used by untrained study participants, including children and the elderly.
A major challenge for genetic testing and microbiome studies is the complexity of samples with a broad spectrum of bacteria and other microorganisms like fungi present in saliva or stool samples. Validated methods for sample transport and storage in combination with sound extraction procedures generate reliable results and avoid bias.

Interested in learning how to collect and stabilize DNA from stool, swab and saliva samples?
In this 45-minute presentation, Preeti Panda (Head of Business Development) and Anna-Maria Jantke-Busse (Product Manager) will introduce the innovative solutions we offer for sample collection & stabilization. Furthermore, we will have a special talk guest: Anne-Mette Kenley Lindorff from GP Medical Devices. 

There will be a live and interactive Q&A session to answer your questions. Can't join? Register anyway, the slides will be sent to you after the talk.
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Anna-Maria Jantke-Busse
Product Manager @Invitek Molecular
Anna is an experienced Product Manager who enjoys interfacing between customers, R&D, Marketing & Sales, and other departments. After graduating in 2011 with a degree in Human and Molecular Biology from Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, she worked as a scientific researcher until 2015 before moving into Sales in the Biotechnology sector. Since 2018, Anna combines her diverse experience from science and industry in product management, where she enjoys combining technical facts with communication and creative challenges. Having always been curious about human health and disease, Anna is very drawn to working in the CE-IVD industry with a focus on DNA extraction, which she considers the core discipline for valid results in diagnostics and research.
Preeti Panda
Head of Business Development @Invitek Molecular
Preeti is an engaged and motivated Biotechnologist with a passion for Molecular technologies contributing advancements in Healthcare. She is experienced in Business development and skilled in strategic planning & product management for diagnostic products. After graduating Masters in Biotechnology at Amity University, India, she worked as an Application scientist, deepening her technical knowledge in the domain of Genomics & working on advanced technologies such as Illumina NGS platforms. Further advancing to a sales role, she was exposed to a broad clinical audience, widening her scientific & market knowledge in the sectors of Diagnostics & Genetic disorders. With a keen interest in IVD, in January 2020 Preeti came onboard with Invitek Molecular, addressing the challenges and working on standardized solutions for Biological sample management.