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Anti-Money Laundering & Crime: Crypto Assets
Crypto asset-related criminal activity in 2022 appears to be resilient in the face of significant price declines. According to a recent report*, illicit volumes are down just 15% year over year, compared to 36% for legitimate volumes.

Financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies entered the media spotlight recently after the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned a popular virtual currency mixer and the Dutch financial crime authority FIOD arrested one of its developers in Amsterdam only a few days later.

@O2K’s latest webinar will help you make sense of these developments in the crypto asset space and get invaluable insights from regulators, AML professionals, and lawyers.

The Anti-Money Laundering & Crime With Crypto Assets webinar will help you understand what crypto mixers are, what types of criminal activity they can support, and give practical advice on how to be compliant.

Join AML experts from the Dutch Office For Serious Financial Crime And Asset Confiscation, 21 Analytics, and @O2K Netherlands to discuss the latest AML-related regulatory developments and understand how to identify money-laundering with crypto mixers.

We will cover all you need to know about Anti-Money Laundering & Crime statistics, investigation procedures, and solutions related to crypto compliance.

- How do crypto mixers obfuscate transactional data?
- Why Mixer Usage Reaches All-time Highs in 2022, With Nation State Actors and Cybercriminals Contributing Significant Volume?
- What are the current Crypto AML & Crime statistics from the Netherlands?
- How was the prosecution against Best Mixer executed in the Netherlands?
- What does a crypto AML & crime software solution look like?
and more.

Practical, lively, and to the point. Join us!

*Chainalysis’ “Mid-year Crypto Crime Update: Illicit Activity Falls With Rest of Market, With Some Notable Exceptions”
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