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Beyond the Hype: The Power and Pitfalls of Generative AI for Businesses
Enjoy a dynamic conversation by leading AI experts from Google, Albertsons, and AI Fund, as they pull back the curtain on the hype surrounding Generative AI. They’ll discuss what exactly Generative AI is, where the state of the art is going, implications for business and society at large, specific ways different verticals can leverage the technology, and pitfalls businesses should be aware of.


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Carlos Alzate
Senior AI Advisor @AI Fund
As Senior AI Advisor, Carlos assists AI Fund’s portfolio companies develop their ML technology and counsels them on the current state of the art. A seasoned AI/ML researcher, he was previously a team leader on IBM’s Project Debater, an AI system designed to debate live with expert human debaters.
Laurence Moroney
AI Advocacy Lead @Google
Laurence leads AI Advocacy at Google, working with the Google AI Research and product development teams, where his vision is to expand access to AI/ML for everyone. A best-selling author, he’s written dozens of programming books as well as several acclaimed works of fiction. His most recent books include AI and Machine Learning for Coders and AI and Machine Learning for On-Device Developers.
Miguel Paredes
VP of AI & Data Science @Albertsons Companies
A seasoned tech executive and startup advisor with experience across North and South America, Miguel leads AI and data operations at Albertsons, the second largest food retailer in the US. He’s done the same at some of Peru’s largest companies, consulted for the World Bank and IDB, and advised more than 100 startups.