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Conflict on Workinglands CIG Webinar Series: Pathways for Practice Implementation
Range Riding - Pathways to Implementation
The Conflict on Workinglands CIG team is hosting three webinars this summer/fall to share practical information with ranchers and NRCS staff for managing predation and production risks of large carnivores. The first of these webinars will take place August 23rd, and focus on Range Riding.

This session will provide a basis for understanding range riding for large carnivore management within the Four C’s framework: compensation, conflict prevention, control (lethal) and collaboration, while considering the holistic context of your landscape. We will also discuss emerging opportunities to implement range riding in your operation with financial and technical assistance through NRCS programs, such as EQIP.

Questions to be addressed by panelists include: What does range riding encompass on your operation/program? What activities are included? Why do you ride when you ride? How and what (e.g. horse, ATV, truck) do you ride? How do the predator species, native prey base and other factors influence your range riding “program” or strategy?

12:00 – Welcome and introductions with Alex Few, Working Wild Challenge Coordinator, Western Landowners Alliance, and Jared Beaver, Wildlife Extension Specialist, Montana State University

12:10 – Risk assessment and landscape stratification with Breanna Owens, Stewardship Coordinator, Western Landowners Alliance

12:20 – Conflict management and the Conservation Planning Process with Kyle Tackett, MT NRCS, Assistant State Conservationist - Partnerships (tbc)

12:30 – Panel discussion with range riding practitioners
- Jay Shepherd, Coordinator, Northeast Washington Wolf-Cattle Collaborative
- Erika Nunlist, Wildlife Program Coordinator, Centennial Valley Association, Montana
- Trina Jo Bradley, Rancher, Valier, Montana
- Cat Urbigkit, Rancher and Shepherdess, Sublette County, Wyoming
- Tom Birkmaier, Rancher, Oregon
- Chet Robertson, Range Rider, Big Hole Watershed Committee, Montana (tbc)


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