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[Webinar] Environmental Monitoring: Advanced EMPs
Work smarter to extract additional value from EMP data.

Our Instructors will utilize examples and case studies to show you how EMP data can provide information beyond simple verification that sanitation efforts were successful. Specifically, when data is viewed with time, space, and workflow in mind, it can give valuable information on where and what corrections are needed in a process.

During this Advanced EMP Webinar, Dr. Florence Wu will utilize various case studies to:

✓ Highlight various data analysis strategies. This includes the utilization of historic data for comparison to provide additional insights.
✓ Highlight the unique challenges presented by each case study and why a “one size fits all" mentality should be avoided for your EMP.
✓ Identify when special tools, such as whole-genome sequencing and zone 1 testing, are applicable to your EMP.
✓ Illustrate how to respond to organism recurrence, as opposed to transient strains of pathogens. Special emphasis will address the needs of raw, ready-to-eat manufacturers who have characteristic environmental risks due to the absence of a kill step.
✓ Generate trial metrics to assess as models for continuous improvement.

Oct 19, 2022 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Dr. Florence Wu
President @AEMTEK
Dr. Wu has been managing AEMTEK’s analytical services since 2002. She has over 30 years of academic and work experience with various groups of bacteria and fungi. Dr. Wu’s hands-on work experience includes food and environmental microbiology testing, environmental sampling, microbial identification, laboratory management, and quality assurance. She has published numerous scientific papers and has given lectures and presentations on subjects related to food microbiology. Dr. Wu has extensive experience in microbial contamination control, sampling, and testing methodologies.
Morgan Young
Morgan has several years of research and industry experience in foodborne pathogen presence and persistence, primarily in the produce industry. Morgan earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from North Carolina State University. At the university research level, Morgan facilitated many food safety and environmental monitoring trainings for growers and producers. Before joining AEMTEK, Morgan spent time at a reputable food manufacturer, where she was responsible for designing and implementing the environmental monitoring program for a joint USDA/FDA operation. Morgan has obtained her Produce Safety Alliance Grower Certification and is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI).