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Plant and Asset Management
Many companies are still not making the most of the opportunity to provide insight into machines by monitoring critical components that are subject to wear and tear. It's often thought that you need to plaster your machine with sensors to get any useful information out of it. Actually, a lot of that information, even basic stuff like temperature, vibration, motor speed and health, can all be accessed via a simple PLC.
How can digital technologies be used in maintenance activities to get benefit? Is connecting to the cloud safe? What can you learn from your machines without getting heavily into machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)?

This event will include the following sessions:
Holistic monitoring – having a view of your entire plant helping maintenance teams work easily and cost-effectively (Lead: Sally (Ballyn) Sillis, Technology Centre Manager, Schaeffler UK Ltd)

Condition monitoring and RFID Tracking – (Lead: Tony Coghlan, Managing Director, Turck Banner Ltd)

The panel will be joined by Aaron Blutstein, Editor of Plant & Works Engineering, and chaired by Andy Pye, Consultant editor at DFA Manufacturing Media, for a lively discussion covering these and other aspects of advanced maintenance issues, led as always by questions from the online audience.


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Tony Coghlan
Managing Director @Turck Banner Ltd.
Sally Sillis
Centre Manager - UK @Schaeffler Technology
Sally Sillis, Schaeffler UK's Engineering Manager, has been their specialist in condition-based maintenance for the past 5 years. Her understanding of what maintenance engineers' requirements are ensures the right fit is always found. Sally has over 22 years' experience in engineering. Holding a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Liverpool University, she has since had a career undertaking various disciplines of engineering before starting her time at Schaeffler. Here she has held roles as product support, sales and engineering manager, services and MRO manager, onto her current roll as Schaeffler Technology Centre Manager.
Andy Pye
Consultant Editor & Talking Industry Chair @DFA Media
Andy Pye consulting editor DFA media and chair will be known to many in the engineering and automation industry in the UK, and has edited many leading design and manufacturing titles over the past four decades. Andy was a founder and shareholder in the start-up e-publishing business Pro-Talk, which launched in 1999 and was bought by Centaur Publishing in 2006. Andy is a graduate material engineer and spent five years in engineering consultancy prior to joining the technical publishing industry in 1980.
Aaron Blutstein
Managing Editor Plant and Works Engineering magazine @DFA Manufacturing Media