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Zerynth launches the Industrial IoT Apps: no-code solutions for 4.0 machinery
Zerynth launches new Industrial IoT Apps. These plug-and-play solutions enable machinery to meet Industry 4.0 standards in just a few clicks. Zerynth’s IoT Apps make IoT technology accessible for all, as well as easy to deploy and safe to scale and maintain.

In less than 1 hour it is possible to connect any machinery or industrial asset in order to monitor production in real-time, measure energy consumption, predict malfunctions, and get real-time notifications.

The innovativeness of the new system is enabled by the presence of a no-code configuration wizard that allows, in just a few clicks, one to choose the most suitable App for each machine that you want to monitor and view their data on dashboards without writing code or having to follow complicated procedures of configuration.

Installation is feasible by any technician or electrician. The Zerynth IoT Apps integrate sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and data analysis, and guarantee reliability, completeness, and immediacy.

During the 30 minute webinar, Zerynth’s Industrial IoT Apps will be presented featuring the new functions of Zerynth Cloud Core and their benefits in the 4.0 transformation journey for industrial companies.


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Gabriele Montelisciani
Daniele Mazzei