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Challenges and Innovations in Coastal Protection;
In this webinar, a panel of experts in applied coastal engineering will explore the challenges and solutions in coastal structures protection by discussing innovation, materials, modeling and design solutions. Hear their insights and lessons learned from completing successful studies, innovation, designs and construction of coastal defense projects having faced common challenges in marine construction worldwide.

Learn from Bas Hofland (PhD. Prof., TU Delft) about novel measurement techniques in evaluating coastal structures.

Hear from Bas Reedijk (Head of Engineering, DMC-BAM Infraconsult) and Pieter Bakker (Xbloc Global Manager, DMC-BAM Infraconsult) as they discuss innovative best practices for placement of interlocking coastal armour units.

Understand how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be integrated into breakwater design with Jeroen van den Bos (Senior Coastal Engineer, Boskalis).

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from industry experts in this informative webinar!
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Bas Hofland
PhD. Prof. @Delft University of Technology
Bas Hofland holds an MSc and Ph.D. degree from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Bas has over 20+ years of experience solving coastal engineering challenges using fundamentals of fluid mechanics, including turbulence and wave dynamics. He is involved in knowledge transfer by giving courses and lectures, by guiding MSc and PhD students, and by publishing regularly – including contributions to widely used manuals such as ‘The Rock Manual’. As a recognized academic expert, Bas has been active in research, advising, and applied physical modeling of coastal and hydraulic structures, including studies and designs for many Dutch coastal structures (e.g. Maasvlakte 2, IJmuiden, Eemshaven, Afsluitdijk), as well as many structures abroad. Bas was also involved in the design of modeling facilities (including the Delta Flume – the largest wave flume in the world), and the development of measurement techniques.
Jeroen van den Bos
Senior Coastal Engineer @Boskalis
Jeroen van den Bos is a MSc Civil Engineer specialized in Coastal Engineering. Jeroen has 17+ years of experience working in the maritime construction industry globally as a designer and large-scale project engineer. As a Senior Coastal Engineer for Boskalis, his role includes the design of breakwaters, bed protections, shoreline protections and offshore scour protections, often in the context of large international design-and-construct projects. Jeroen is also a part-time guest lecturer at TU Delft. His main research interest is in the field of computational fluid dynamics, with a focus on applied models used to study the interaction of breaking waves with “rubble mound” structures (such as RANS-VOF models or similar).
Bas Reedijk
Head of Engineering @DMC-BAM Infraconsult
Bas Reedijk is the Head of Coastal Engineering and Water Management in Delta Marine Consultants (DMC) - BAM Infraconsult, (part of Royal BAM). Bas has 30+ years of experience as an inventor, designer and researcher in civil engineering and coastal engineeringe. Bas is the main inventor of the recognized Xbloc armor unit as well as the BoxBarrier,a temporary flood defense system.More recently Bas and his team developed an innovative breakwater armour unit, the XblocPlus (Levvel bloc). As an example, this block is being applied on the Afsluitdijk dam in the Netherlands to strengthen its dike for more than 30kms. Bas has published several scientific publications related to coastal protection and he was awarded with the Prins Friso Prize 2020 by the KIVI (Royal Institute of Engineers in The Netherlands), which distinguishes Dutch engineers for their excellence and knowledge in linking innovative work to social impact.
Pieter Bakker
Xbloc Global Manager @DMC-BAM Infraconsult
Pieter Bakker is the Xbloc Global Manager at Delta Marine Consultants (DMC) and oversees the Xbloc and XblocPlus projects worldwide. Pieter has 20+ years of experience in the design and construction of breakwaters and revetments. He was involved in the development of the Xbloc and the XblocPlus and the block shape innovative designs. Pieter combines technical expertise in coastal engineering, breakwater design, and physical model tests with practical experience in marine construction and commercialization of coastal innovations.