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Improve Financial Performance by Building a Better Supply Chain Visibility Plan
Addressing supply chain inefficiencies has never been more mission-critical than today. Yet while many say they have systems in place, they’re falling short in providing true impact or effectiveness:

-Companies typically lose 3-4% of revenues to chargebacks and late payments alone
-Only 6% say they have full visibility into their supply chains

What’s missing? Many systems are hard to use, can’t cross multiple vendors or platforms, or can’t report down to the line-item level. However, it’s imperative that companies develop these capabilities to preempt problems and accelerate decision-making. More effective supply chain visibility platforms are the first step.

What you will learn:

Address how to solve supply chain inefficiencies quickly and cost-effectively

Cover the five pillars of performance that every supply chain visibility program needs to have;

1 Customer Compliance
2 Vendor Compliance
3 Fulfillment
4 Customer Service
5 Accounts Receivable


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Bryce Heckber
Solutions Engineer @CoEnterprise
CoEnterprise is an award-winning B2B software and professional services company. CoEnterprise delivers supply chain and business analytics solutions and services that transform how companies connect and do business. Syncrofy, CoEnterprise’s industry-leading supply chain data visibility software, provides data-driven business insights to key team members without requiring any advanced technical knowledge, enabling customers to analyze, interpret and act on information faster and more effectively.
Jessica White
Managing Editor @SupplyChainBrain
Jess White is managing editor of SupplyChainBrain, the website and magazine devoted to senior-level supply chain and logistics executives. A versatile news gatherer and storyteller, her portfolio includes local politics, higher education, business and labor, transportation, criminal justice, science and environment, health, consumer advice and supply chain — the latter of which she’s been covering for more than five years. She produces the daily SupplyChainBrain newsletter, and has spoken at a number of industry events. She is based in Brooklyn, New York.