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Exclusive Open House - DBA
A Doctoral degree can advance your career to the next level, as it signifies your expertise, knowledge, and skills in identifying corporate issues and providing solutions based on hard-core research. With a Doctorate of Business Administration, you will be considered as an established expert in your field having the ability to explore, identify, investigate and resolve practical problems within the organisation and industry.

Discover how UCAM’s prestigious DBA program can immensely help your career and professional growth in this insightful and exclusive Open House Webinar that will be held on 7th October 2022, 11 AM-12 PM GMT. Free up your schedule, and fire away your doubts regarding Doctorates or the DBA course! Our expert webinar panel will answer all your questions.

Our expert panelists are:
Dr. Sree Lakshmi, Head of Research Programs
Fatima Razi, Head of Admissions
Vandana Sharma, Student Experience and Engagement Officer

Oct 7, 2022 11:00 AM in Greenwich Mean Time

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