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The Israeli Real Estate Market: Where does it stand and where is it headed.
A webinar focused on the evolving real estate market in Israel. Presentations will include insights into; current taxes and regulations as well as those that may be implemented in the future, real estate prices and expectation, mortgage related issues and the keynote presentation by Danielle Nagler, the recently appointed Real Estate Editor for the Times of Israel.


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Danielle Nagler
Real Estate Editor @The Times of Israel
Danielle Nagler spent 15 years working for the BBC in London, during which time she acted as lead producer on Britain’s leading morning news programme, and took responsibility for rolling out HD television. She moved to run a world-leading Real Estate business, and since relocating to Israel in 2014, she’s acted as a consultant for a number of international businesses and led a FinTech startup with clients across the globe. Danielle has recently been appointed as the Times of Israel’s first Real Estate correspondent to develop coverage of what’s going on in Real Estate in Israel for an audience of English speakers in Israel and around the world.
Eta Morris
Founder/Broker @Eta Morris Real Estate
Knowing and understanding your needs is essential but knowing the Jerusalem real estate market with all its twists and turns is equally important. I know what is happening in the Jerusalem housing market. I know what is new, which projects are going up, and where the deals are. Therefore, whether you are looking for a place to live, a vacation home, or an investment property, call me. My ability to connect your needs with my knowledge of the market is a winning combination. This is the key to my success.
Yair Givati
Partner @Haim Givati & Co. Law Offices
Yair was born and raised in Israel but spent some of his education in the UK which helps him to sound and think like a natural English speaker. As a native Israeli he understands how to navigate Israeli bureaucracy but is also able to provide a personalized and efficient service to his English-speaking clients and guide them through the process of buying property in Israel. With a passion for law, contracts and taxation, Yair uses his experience and vast knowledge of the taxation system to help his clients find the best solutions for their particular situations. Yair studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Norman Shapiro
Sr. Mortgage Broker @First Israel Mortgages
Originally from Scranton, PA, Norman moved to Israel in 1995, and is fortunate to live here with much of his extended family. A graduate of Yeshiva University, Norman has been in the financial sector his entire career – starting with the commodity trading giant, Philipp Brothers in New York. He brings a creative viewpoint to the mortgage business, with the unique ability to find the best solution for his clients.