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Teak and Avocado Agroforestry: Ownership for Residency and ROI
Your solution to a low-cost second residency in a country known for being a welcome wagon to those seeking out a back pocket “Plan B” is here and easier than you could have imagined.

Through an investment into ownership of Certified Re-Forested Agroforestry farmland, you will:

1. Qualify to apply for a permanent residency in Nicaragua
2. Obtain the Teak and Avocado harvest production on your plot of land
3. Secure peace of mind knowing you have a Plan-B in place
4. Create jobs for community locals
5. Build a long-term revenue-generating asset to pass down to future generations

Packaged into an easy step-by-step process about what you can do now to actively prepare yourself and the ones you love for the future.
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