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Recording and Report Writing - Workshop Webinar With Chris Flounders
Online tutor led live webinar training session The webinar aims to develop on the skills and confidence of the participants in structuring, writing and evaluating forms of
communication so others can understand them.
This webinar explores the skills involved in effective defensible documentation (recording and report writing).
Learning Objectives
Skills and knowledge highlighted in this training include
• Problems facing providers and their staff when it comes to providing evidenced care and support?
• The role and purpose of basic recording and report writing as a means of communication
• How to record information in a way that is manageable and makes sense to others
• Assessing the elements involved in structuring, writing and evaluating records and reports
• To support staff to maintain service user records to the standards required by The Data Protection Act and related
legislation and guidelines
• Understanding what needs to be recorded and why?
• Appropriate literacy and numeracy skills
• The blame and tick box cultures inherent in health and social care
• Mistrust of what happens to information that is recorded
• Providing appropriate systems to facilitate good defensible documentation (recording and report writing)

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Please advise an Acute representative at the time of booking if you do not agree for you or your colleagues for whom the session has been booked, to be recorded and this function will be switched off.
Acute also reserve the right to delete any webinar recordings at any time.

Aug 17, 2022 10:00 AM in London

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