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How to avoid obstacles to digital RWE analytics
Welcome to Vitaccess’ 8th “Keeping it real” webinar – on how to avoid obstacles to digital RWE analytics.

Dr Casey Quinn, Chief Research Officer, and Amber Kudlac, Associate Director, will be discussing their experiences of these obstacles and barriers, and, crucially, how to avoid them.

Vitaccess is an innovator in digital research and an established partner in real-world studies. Our holistic approach means our studies are delivered in one full package that not only includes data collection from PROs, but also analytics and localization.

If you’re thinking about launching your own real-world study, or you have been struggling to get the most out of the data you’re collecting, then this is the webinar for you. Join us for invaluable insights from our experts!

Jun 21, 2022 02:00 PM in London

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Dr Casey Quinn
Chief Research Officer @Vitaccess
Casey is Chief Research Officer at Vitaccess. He leads our analytics team, which handles all statistical analysis specification, design, and execution. Casey and his team ensure that our digital real-world evidence studies are upheld by the strongest analytic foundation, and that the data generated tell a clear story with actionable insights. He also provides expert analytics input into our standalone consulting and data projects. Casey is a highly experienced health economist, specializing in survival modeling and economic evaluation, health program evaluation, drug financing, and health policy research and evaluation. He has experience as a payer decision-maker in the UK with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the National Institute for Health Research, the National Health Service funding committees, and in the US with New York State Medicaid.
Amber Kudlac, BASc
Associate Director, Real-World Evidence & Analytics @Vitaccess
Amber is Associate Director of Real-World Evidence and Analytics at Vitaccess. She ensures timely and rigorous analysis of data from our RWE studies, coordinating with other data analysts to address critical research questions by developing, refining, and scaling data management and analytic procedures. Amber has 13 years’ experience in project management, data analysis and research reporting, and stakeholder management. She has worked alongside pharmaceutical companies in research consultancy for four years, as well as in not-for-profit epidemiology and oncology research project management. Amber has been involved in a wide range of pharmaceutical projects. This includes the development of treatment pattern surveys, the evaluation of real-world data, and the evaluation of progression, survival and patient-reported outcomes efficacy data from Phase II and III trials for analysis plans, internal reports, and publications.