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Announcing FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D HYDRO and FLOW-3D CAST 2022R1!
With the release of FLOW-3D 2022R1, FLOW-3D CAST 2022R1, and FLOW-3D HYDRO 2022R1, Flow Science is transitioning to more frequent, concurrent releases of its FLOW-3D products with one goal in mind: getting new solver developments and modeling functionalities to the user as soon as they are ready. In this product release webinar, we will explain how the adoption of concurrent releases will benefit our users, and we will also present exciting new developments in FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D CAST and FLOW-3D HYDRO.

Besides improvements to the FLOW-3D user interface that provide easier, faster and error-free simulation setup, a key solver development is the detailed cutcell method for the improved calculation of shear stresses, a valuable development for applications where the viscous boundary layer is important. We will also discuss new dissolved oxygen and axial pump models, moving droplet/bubble sources, extensions to active simulation control, a new VOF to particle method, and an important new functionality that allows users to define materials and fluid properties using two dimensional tables; for example, allowing for the definition of a fluid's viscosity as a function of both strain rate and solid particulate content. This multi-variate definition of properties has far-reaching applications. Many more exciting developments in both the user interface and in the solver will be covered in the webinar.

Dec 8, 2021 11:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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John Wendelbo
Director of Sales @Flow Science, Inc.
John Wendelbo has been modeling complex free surface flows for civil, coastal and environmental applications using FLOW-3D and FLOW-3D HYDRO since 2013. Areas of modeling expertise include free surface hydraulics, aerated and multi-phase flows, scour, and non-Newtonian flows such as tailings. John holds a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College, UK.