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Extended Enterprise: Bring Training to Multiple Audiences
Learning can have a huge impact within an organization, but for many companies, learning is driving impact far outside the employee population. The extended enterprise can consist of any combination of external audiences like customers, partners, resellers, franchisees, and more. Once we step outside the organization, however, the challenges facing effective learning delivery only increase. The audiences are diverse, dispersed, and incredibly complex – and they don’t all work for your company.

Getting extended enterprise learning correct requires a solid strategy with clear ownership and accountability. It also requires tools and technologies that can properly manage the complexity while delivering effective experiences.

In this webinar, David Wentworth, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and a subject matter expert with LearnUpon, will share research, insight, and expertise about why extended enterprise learning is important and what goes into getting it right.

Discussion topics include:
● The state of extended enterprise learning
● Benefits and challenges
● Technology requirements
● Strategies for success


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David Wentworth
Principal Learning Analyst @Brandon Hall Group
David Wentworth has been a research analyst in the human capital field since 2005, joining Brandon Hall Group in 2012 to concentrate on learning research. David’s research focuses on how people learn and the role of emerging technologies.
Aisling MacNamara
Senior Learning and Development Manager @LearnUpon
Aisling MacNamara is a Senior Learning & Development Manager at LearnUpon. She has designed and led the implementation of innovative learning solutions for hundreds of learners through her experience in fast growth technology companies. Aisling is passionate about creating learner-centered programs that help drive company objectives.
Frances Kleven
Director, Enterprise Success in Customer Experience @LearnUpon
Frances Kleven manages LearnUpon’s Customer Success team. With over 15 years of experience in technology and education, she has worked with some of the world’s biggest organizations, helping them to develop and implement comprehensive training strategies.