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Celebrating The Plant Cell Focus Issue on Plant Biotic Interactions (1)
In May 2022, The Plant Cell presents a Focus Issue on Plant Biotic Interactions. As much as half of all of the calories produced by plant crops is lost to pathogens. Efforts to strengthen plant immunity have led to a deeper understanding of how plants recognize and defend against pathogens while at the same time facilitating symbiotic interactions. Over the past several decades, key interactors on the pathogen side (effectors) and plant side (intracellular and cell-surface immune receptors) have been identified. With such major advancements in our molecular and cellular understanding of plant biotic interactions and the rapid acceleration in research on this topic, this Focus Issue on Plant Biotic Interactions is timely, and full of exciting new work that answers some long-standing questions, while raising many new ones.

Join us the first of a special pair of webinars to celebrate this Focus Issue on Plant Biotic Interactions. The webinars have been organized by the Focus Issue editors: Roger Innes, Dan Kliebenstein, Cris Argueso, Yangnan Gu, Libo Shan, Dorothea Tholl, and Mary Williams. We have invited six speakers whose work appears in this Focus Issue to share their findings, across two different webinar dates and times.

This first webinar features speakers Peipei Qi, Yugo Kitazawa, and Margo Raffeiner sharing their findings from their work appearing in this Focus Issue. The webinar is hosted by Plant Cell editor Yangnan Gu and moderated by Assistant Features Editor Tatsuya Nobori.

May 17, 2022 06:00 AM in London

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Peipei Qi
A Ralstonia solanacearum effector targets TGA transcription factors to subvert salicylic acid signaling module
Yugo Kitazawa
A phytoplasma effector acts as a ubiquitin-like mediator between floral MADS-box proteins and proteasome shuttle proteins
Margo Raffeiner
The Xanthomonas type-III effector XopS stabilizes CaWRKY40a to regulate defense responses and stomatal immunity in pepper (Capsicum annuum)