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The New Supply Chain Planning Paradigm: Planning Married to Execution
Does this sound familiar?

“Our quarterly S&OP run created a great plan but due to material, capacity, and labor constraints our 'T1', 'T2', or 'T3' suppliers couldn’t execute to the plan.”

“Regardless of the amount of demand analysis we do, demand variation hits our network and we are unable to react in a timely fashion.”

“As demand and supply vary from plan, we are flying blind as we look to bring in the quarter.”

“Opportunities to react to demand and supply variation exist on a daily basis but we have no ability to leverage those opportunities.”

The new planning paradigm marries planning to execution, in a seamless and continuous cycle, keeping plans realistic, practical, and executable, while ensuring execution is focused on business objectives for optimal results.

Planning married to execution creates a completely new set of value-added decision-making opportunities. With a single platform, the former integration layer supported by legacy planning and execution vendors now becomes a dynamic workflow layer solving for both planning and execution problems, incrementally and continuously, on a real time basis.

This new layer, unique to ONE, Optimized Execution, has the potential to solve most of today’s demand and supply variation. Adding in causal based machine learning to drive optimized prescriptions both autonomously in automated workflows and interactively in a scenario-based planner workbench, and you have the best-in-class solution capability in the market today.

Join us as we discuss:

• How have these capabilities been deployed and to what benefit?

• Why is this solution different from existing typical planning, ERP, visibility, and logistics solutions?

• How are major organizations around the globe benefitting, and turning their supply chains from cost centers to customer-driven value networks?

• And more, including demand-supply matching and network orchestration


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Joe Bellini
EVP Product Marketing @One Network
Joe Bellini is EVP Product Marketing at One Network Enterprises. He provides leadership across various departments at One Network Enterprises which focus on delivering network-based value in multiple industry segments and geographies. Joe holds a patent in Supply Chain Planning and is the co-author of the business strategy book, “The Real-Time Enterprise.” Joe holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and is certified in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from MIT Sloan.
Bob Bowman
Editor-in-Chief @SupplyChainBrain
Bob Bowman is Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain, the website and magazine devoted to senior-level executives with responsibility for supply chain management, logistics, technology and international trade. He hosts and produces the weekly SupplyChainBrain podcast, as well as appearing in numerous executive briefing videos. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events, and a published author.