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After Treatment- Transition from Treatment to School – 2023.2.22
Description: After this training, participants will be able to: understand the scope of the problem of transitioning from treatment to school; identify some of the challenges faced by children and adolescents as they return to the transitional school environment; list strategies to address the academic, social and emotional factors of returning to the school environment; and, develop a plan prior to transition to alleviate potential stressors.

Presenter: Sharon M Dossett is an Independent Consultant providing Personal & Professional Development services. She has 35 years of experience, 20+ in leadership, working with traditionally underserved, vulnerable populations in social service, legal, behavioral health and community settings. She is also a certified senior facilitator, professional trainer, mentor, coach, and therapist. She works locally and abroad with culturally diverse youth and adults to promote civil dialogue, self-awareness, empathy, and authentic communication for better relationship building. Sharon earned Bachelor's of Science degrees in Sociology and Psychology, a Master's degree in Social Work, and an MBA.


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