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Showing Up Safe: Cross-disciplinary conversations on emotional and ancestral trauma, and healing from within
Bringing together some of the most outstanding experts in yoga therapy, acupuncture/Chinese medicine and alchemical healing, we invite you to join Dr Gail Parker, Lorie Eve Dechar and Kevin Durjun for an in-depth conversation about emotional trauma.

Exploring healing processes through their various disciplines, the expert panel will touch on the psychological and physical impact of stress and trauma; race-based traumatic stress and how it differs from PTSD; discuss ancestral and embodied trauma; and offer self-care practices that strengthen the immune system.

This session will benefit anyone working with clients with emotional trauma, or those experiencing it. Whether your background is in yoga therapy, acupuncture, bodywork or psychotherapy, the session will offer practical takeaways to implement in your practice.

Tickets are £15. PayPal account required.

Sep 30, 2021 08:00 PM in London

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Dr Gail Parker
Author, psychologist, educator, and certified yoga therapist @Empowered by Yoga
Gail Parker, Ph.D. CIAYT, E-RYT 500 is an author, psychologist, educator, and certified yoga therapist. She serves as President of the Black Yoga Teachers Board of Directors. She is the author of Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma (Singing Dragon, 2020), and Transforming Ethnic and Race-Based Traumatic Stress with Yoga (Singing Dragon, 2021).
Lorie Dechar
Alchemical healer, mentor and teacher @A New Possibility
Lorie Eve Dechar is an alchemical healer, mentor, and teacher, and has over 30 years of Chinese medicine practice experience. She was a senior faculty member of Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC for more than a decade and has many years of teaching at institutes and retreats throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. She lives on the coast of Maine, USA.
Kevin Durjun
Acupuncture Practitioner and Presenter @The South London Acupuncture Partnership & UK Health Radio
The expert panel will be hosted by Kevin Durjun, Five Element Acupuncture Practitioner and Presenter at UK Health Radio.