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Global Payroll: The consequences of doing nothing.
Resistance to change is understandable but another year of a global payroll process that is not working comes with consequences.
If you do not change things, then nothing changes. It is that simple.
Problems remain, complexity grows, and you reach the point where multi country payroll becomes unmanageable. Perhaps you are already there?
This webinar looks at the consequences of doing nothing with a payroll process that is not working.

We will then talk about the benefits of taking a technology-based action approach

• The payroll problems that remain when no action is taken
• The likely consequences these problems will bring
• The technology path to freedom from these issues

Mar 29, 2023 04:00 PM in Dublin

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Mary Holland CPP
Global Payroll Evangelist @Payslip
Mary is a recognized global payroll professional and has held leadership roles in Global Payroll Leadership & Operations, Finance, Stock Equity, Global Mobility, Project Management and enterprise customer service.
Lisenko Nikolla
Head of Global Payroll @SumUp
Lisenko is in charge of global payroll at SumUp, a global fintech company, with over 3,000 people from more than 90 nationalities spread across 20 offices on 4 continents. Lisenko’s global payroll team works closely with global payroll stakeholders to achieve accurate, on time and compliant payroll services. He was previously EMEA payroll manager at recruitment giant Indeed.