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Computer-aided design and characterization of multispecific antibodies for COVID19
Ab Studio’s computer-aided antibody design (CAAD) platforms have a built-in focus on safety, efficacy, and manufacturability. These features have allowed Ab Studio to develop complex multi-specific antibodies for difficult-to-treat diseases with better clinical potential. In conjunction with Gator, Ab Studio is excited to present their CAAD platforms as well as the antibody characterization tools (such as Gator BLI or cell-based assays) that facilitated the successful development of multi-specific antibodies. The talk will also feature Gator Bio's new and innovative solutions for antibody, small molecule, and AAV characterization.


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Allison Titong
Director of Cell Biology and Assay Development @Antibody Studios Inc
Allison Titong is the Director of Cell Biology and Assay Development at Ab Studio. She started her career in several antibody therapeutic companies, including PDL Biopharma, Epitomics Inc., and Elan Pharmaceuticals. She then trained as a virologist gaining expertise in viral genetic engineering and virus purification from previous experiences in academia and serving as a virologist in Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Today, Allison is a major contributor to the first-in-class COVID19 trispecific antibody, ABS-VIR-001, leading to a new and exciting research partnership with China Resources Biopharma.
Rich Wang
Product Manager/Field Application Scientist @Gator Bio
Over 7+ years of research experience in molecular biology at biotechnology institute that involved many bioanalytical tools. At Gator Bio he is responsible for providing high level technical applications support to Gator BLI users. This includes assay development for applications of quantitation, kinetics and epitope binning. He received MS in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.