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How To Invest In Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k
IRA Custodian Next Generation will join the webinar to explain the process, fees, and restrictions when self directing your IRA or Solo 401k.

People self-direct their IRA into NJ professionally managed properties to get better returns, even in a recession. They  like the feeling of seeing their money used to improve a community.  And, they like investing in a syndicated group so they can afford a larger investment.   

Aaron Fragnito and Seth Martinez will show you how current clients have self-directed part of their IRA into real estate private offerings to earn better returns through equity growth, stronger cash flows, and tax shelters.

As silent investors, Peoples Capital Group managed the technical details and cherry-picked the best real estate deals for them. This is a genuinely passive income stream model that leaves people free to live comfortably.

Learn how to:
1. Earn stronger returns with your IRA or Solo 401K
2. Take control of your Retirement Account
3. Diversify out of the stock market into professionally managed real estate
4. Protect your nest egg
5. Improve inner cities
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Aaron Fragnito
Co-Owner of Peoples Capital Group @Peoples Capital Group, LLC
For the last 10 years the owners of Peoples Capital Group, Seth Martinez and Aaron Fragnito, have been helping passive investors build their wealth exponentially through New Jersey Real Estate. Together, Seth and Aaron specialize in the North New Jersey real estate market and are experienced in acquiring discounted apartment buildings for sale by working with numerous passive investors. Aaron and Seth have completed over 250 transactions together! Aaron and Seth only work with qualified investors but the first step to getting qualified is signing up for a webinar, attending and paying attention. At the end of each webinar you will be able to ask Aaron questions so bring your questions or even email them before hand.