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Killing Complexity - Why Simple Wins
Why are we all so busy but feel like nothing gets done? Unproductive meetings, endless emails, and reports-for-the-sake-of-reporting aren’t the definition of meaningful work—they’re the result of complexity. Complexity is killing companies’ ability to innovate and adapt, and simplicity is fast becoming the competitive advantage of our time.

With the rise of remote and hybrid roles, employees are over relying on meetings and emails to feel connected and ensure clear communication. Now is the time to eliminate this unnecessary complexity so you can become more productive, efficient, and innovative again.

In this webinar, CEO and TED-talk veteran Lisa Bodell will discuss way to eradicate complexity and get back to meaningful work. Get the techniques used by Netflix, Google, Pfizer and others to save time, kill rules, and boost productivity. By killing complexity, you’ll increase customer trust, staff retention, and innovate faster.

In this webinar, Lisa will discuss:

● Why simplification is the competitive advantage of our time.

● How to recognize which activities are time-sucks and which create lasting value.

● Practical and effective tools that enable employees to make simplification a habit.

● Critical, easy steps leaders can take to “set the tone” for simplicity.


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Lisa Bodell
CEO @FutureThink
Lisa Bodell is the CEO of FutureThink – an award-winning company that enables organizations to kill complexity, create space for innovation, and get to the work that matters. Lisa is also one of the Top 50 most popular Keynote Speakers in the world, and in a typical year, she brings her message to over 30 countries. As the author of two best-selling books Why Simple Wins and Kill the Company, Lisa believes that operating with simplicity will be the number one competitive advantage for organizations in the future, because it allows us to focus and do more valuable things. She’s the founder and CEO of FutureThink, a company that uses radically simple techniques to help teams kill complexity, increase their capability for innovation, and do more meaningful work.