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US Housing Market
On the 20th of April we welcome Ivy Zelman form Zelman Associates for a conversation on the US Housing Market situation today.

• How is the situation on the US housing market today?
• What are the important factors to track to keep a hand on the pulse?
• For the forestry industry single family homes are crucial for the industry's performance, how has this specific indicator been performing?
• We have read that it could be up to 9 million first time home buyers and renters are on the way into the housing markets since 2020 but construction is still near a record low. What are the limiting factors here and what is needed to change it?
• How is home remodelling and DIY markets today? We have read that as lumber also got more expensive we’ve heard that DIY chains are taking a smaller role in the big picture. Does your research confirm this?
• The central bank has also raised the rates and indicated it will raise them three more times this year alone. How does this effect the housing market?
• What is the outlook for lumber as a construction material?
• What is the outlook for the housing market as a whole and especially for single family homes?

***Followed by a Q&A session with the audience***

The webinar will be recorded and the recording made available after the event.


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