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A new dawn for global payroll operations
It is a new dawn for global payroll- the single vendor myth and silver bullet solution has been exposed and dropped. And the one size fits all model is not fitting anywhere in 2022.

Companies are now seeking a global management solution that accommodates the differences seen in the local payroll requirements in each of their countries.

Aggregator services models can only cover a selection of their countries, so a solution is required that enables them to manage all of their countries with visibility, control and operational excellence.

In this webinar, Payslip’s Mary Holland and guest speakers David Nugent & Hannah Huneidi from Cloudera will talk about a new dawn for payroll:

• Why a mix of payroll models + multiple local vendors is needed
• Applying a management framework to this hybrid approach
• How technology can make it all work

You can have a hybrid payroll model along with any number of local vendors you need. If you adopt a global payroll operations strategy that is underpinned by technology, you can make it work.


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David Nugent
Director, international Payroll @Cloudera
David is a payroll manager with many years’ experience in International Payroll for EMEA and APAC regions. He has a project track record transitioning payrolls to centralized shared service centers and centers of excellence and outsourcing payrolls to selected payroll provider(s).
Hannah Huneidi CPP
Payroll Manager @Cloudera
Hannah is a global payroll professional based out of San Jose with years of international payroll experience at major organizations like Netflix. She has deep experience supporting US payroll and collaborating with international payroll vendors.