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Milk Quality Begins Outside of the Parlor
Bringing cows to the parlor as clean and as relaxed as possible is fundamental for improving or maintaining excellent udder health. "What do you see" when walking a dairy facility that can impact the overall milk quality and how to manage around these issues? Dr. David Reid of Rocky Ridge Consulting, LLC will go over some basic dairy stockmanship and cow handling skills that can significantly improve cow cleanliness when cows enter the parlor.
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Dr. David Reid
@Rock Ridge Dairy Consulting, LLC
David A. Reid, DVM owns and operates Rocky Ridge Dairy Consulting, LLC based in Hazel Green Wisconsin. The company is dedicated to providing dairy producers with information and services designed to maximize the production of quality milk. Dr. Reid has 44 years of experience as a practicing dairy veterinarian, dairy consultant, 8 plus years as an industry consultant and since 2011 again as an independent dairy consultant. Dr. Reid has consulted in many countries for individual dairy farms, for milking companies, for other dairy commercial businesses and he has presented numerus talks and presentations on milk quality, parlor efficiency and general dairy management, all given with the primary goal of making dairy farms more profitable. A key topic is always to develop people to see more clearly issues on dairy farms that impact profitability; “What do You See” is a great teaching tool.