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Securing Transportation IT (EMEA)
Join us as we discuss and share all about the threats and challenges facing the transportation sector and its IT systems. Vital segments of our economy: railways, freight and public transport are critical to keep secure, but also remain vulnerable to cyber attacks. We’ll be going through some best practices, analysis of the sector and sharing key information with our attendees.
There has been a surge of high-profile cyberattacks in nearly every sector in the past 12 months.
Due to the fact that there are multiple layers of vulnerabilities in transportation IT -which can be far more harmful than a simple data breach at a commercial bank or retail business.
Of course, no organization is immune to breaches and cyber attacks, however, a security incident in the transportation sector could potentially cause not only serious financial loss but also may endanger public safety.
Unauthorized access to key transportation systems could result in serious consequences: expensive and chaotic downtime, as well as physical harm to the public.

There will always be those who try to exploit vulnerabilities in key transportation IT systems. Add to that the challenges of legacy systems, the failure to properly secure remote access, as well as a shortage of security professionals, all combine to create a perfect storm.

We'll share our analysis, and perspectives including how a Zero Trust strategy can help in mitigating cyber threats to the transportation sector.

So, what will you learn?

>What are the current threats facing transportation IT systems
>What can be done to mitigate cyber risk
>What are some of the operational and security challenges
>Discover an insightful use case for the transportation sector
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