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Wisconsin Family Ties – Supporting Youth and Families with Mental Health Challenges - 2023.2.8
Description: For anyone whose life is touched by a child who lives with mental health challenges, as a parent, an educator, or a service provider, Wisconsin Family Ties can make a difference. This webinar will describe how Wisconsin Family Ties supports families on the journey, collaborates with the systems families interact with, and the impact being made. What seems like a lonely journey, often is, but doesn’t need to be. Wisconsin Family Ties works with families of children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral challenges. Through the Parent Peer Specialist Program, WFT provides valuable family support that produces unique and significant benefit. Through training and outreach WFT collaborates with systems to increase understanding and better serve children and families.

Deb Ramacher is the parent of 3 young adults with a variety of special needs. She has worked at Wisconsin Family Ties for 16 years, and prior to that was with WSPEI (the Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative) for 7 years. She began her work at Wisconsin Family Ties as a parent peer specialist and is currently in the position of clinical director. Deb is passionate about parent peer support and its benefits to both families and systems.


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