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Tahrir’s Youth: A Book Talk and Discussion on the Anniversary of Egypt’s #Jan25
Twelve years ago Egyptians took to the streets to demand “bread, freedom, and social justice,” ultimately ousting then-President Hosni Mubarak following a thirty-year rule. Today, the country is undergoing one of the worst human rights crises of its modern era and its people are hostage to poor economic policy that has exacerbated social inequality even further. In the time between, Egypt’s activists have organized on the streets. Exacerbated by the passing of a restrictive Protest Law, they have taken to the online spaces. And silenced and targeted, those made to flee the country have continued to mobilize in exile from abroad.

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is pleased to host a book talk featuring Rusha Latif, author of the newly-released Tahrir's Youth: Leaders of a Leaderless Revolution. Abdelrahman Mansour will join the conversation as a discussant, and Nancy Okail will moderate. Join us for a conversation reflecting on the January 25 revolution and the years immediately following, the state of organizing in and on Egypt today, and the challenges and opportunities in the years to come.


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